Always enjoy comfortable warmth with optimised energy consumption


Convenient temperature control

Open and close heating valves by hand? There’s a smarter way! Replace your conventional Radiator Thermostats at home with smart thermostats and enjoy optimal comfort. Determine your desired temperature specifically for each room: with individual time programs, directly on the radiator thermostat, incidentally via voice command or flexibly via app – at any time and even remotely. This way, you can heat with maximum efficiency and comfort.


Efficient energy consumption

Always enjoy the perfect temperature – without any stress and without high energy costs: Effortlessly control your smart home thermostats according to your needs, thereby heating only as much as necessary to achieve your individual comfort temperature.


If you connect several smart thermostats, your desired temperature automatically applies to all radiators in a room. In addition, you can connect the heating thermostats with other smart devices or control them even more conveniently via automations.

operating options

Control your Bosch Smart Home Radiator Thermostats flexibly at any time: Manually on the device, via voice assistant, automatically via time controls, centrally via Room Thermostat or via app – no matter if you are at home or out and about.

Heat according to your needs thanks to individual time program

Do you prefer to sleep a little cooler, but would like to be greeted by a comfortably warm bathroom at 7:00 a.m. sharp?

Use our time program to enjoy your desired temperature around the clock. Determine your individual rhythm for each day of the week.

And if you should feel colder than usual today, you can simply change the temperature spontaneously by manual control – the set time program remains unaffected.

Save up to 30 % energy

Only heat the rooms that are actually used – this saves energy and money.

It becomes even more efficient when your smart thermostats communicate directly with the central heating system to regulate the heat production even better.

To do this, connect the Smart Home System to a heating system from our partners Bosch, Junkers or Buderus – and save up to 30 % energy.


Install in no time

You can retrofit almost any radiator with our smart thermostat – no fitter required.

The Bosch Smart Home app will guide you through the installation step by step. You can see how easy it is in the installation video in our service centre.


Control heating by voice command

“Alexa, set the temperature in the living room to 22 degrees.”

Whether you prefer Alexa, Siri or Google: Your Bosch Smart Home System obeys your every command and provides pleasant warmth via voice assistant.

This way, you can control your smart Radiator Thermostats from your couch – it couldn’t be more convenient.


Using the child safety lock

Children’s hands on Radiator Thermostats often lead to incorrect settings and wasted energy. Don’t let it make you sweat – or freeze: Specify in the app that manual settings directly on the device are no longer possible.

This way, children can’t adjust anything on the smart thermostats – and you yourself continue to control the room temperature conveniently via app, voice assistant or Room Thermostat.

Whisper mode for a peaceful night’s sleep

The radiator valve opens and closes automatically to maintain your desired room temperature at all times.

If you also use your radiator thermostat in your bedroom or if your child is having an afternoon nap, you want to avoid any noise.

To do this, simply set your radiator thermostat to whisper mode: This causes the valve to open slowly and without noise, allowing you to sleep undisturbed.

Especially smart: Set up an automation and define when whisper mode should be active.

Further intelligent protection functions

The smart heating control system has even more intelligent protective functions at the ready:

• Frost protection The frost protection ensures that no damage occurs to the radiator even if the window is open or the room is poorly insulated.

• Calcification protection: To keep your smart home Radiator Thermostats from calcifying, the valve opens once a week throughout the year.

• Failure protection: At the end of the battery life, you will also receive a message via app to avoid failures.

Radiator Thermostat

Regulate your heating as simply and conveniently as never before: with the app-controlled Bosch Smart Home Smart thermostat.

  • Manages the radiator in your room ensuring the comfort temperature is set and kept at a constant
  • Individual time control for temperature in every room
  • Detects temperature drops due to open windows, for example, and adjusts the heating temperature to save energy
  • Protected communication with secure radio protocols
  • A frost protection program is started automatically at temperatures below 4 °C. In addition to this, the Radiator Thermostat regularly opens the valve to protect against calcification