We have chosen to install multilayer pipe on a number of our mechanical and plumbing installations. Multilayer pipe is the real alternative to traditional piping systems but it is essential each installation is assessed to determine which piping system is best suited.

Multi-layer pipe consists of 5 layers. One polyethylene layer is applied to the inside and one to the outside of the welded aluminium pipe. Both PE layers are permanently bonded to the aluminium pipe by means of an adhesive layer. The Polyethylene used is a non-cross-linked polyethylene of raised temperature resistance according to IN 16833 (PE-RT – polyethylene of raised temperature resistance). The 5-layer structure combines the advantages of plastic and metal.

Multi-layer pipe is designed for the specific requirements of drinking water, plumbing, cooling and heating installations. It is formstable, expansion rates are low and has a 100% oxygen barrier.

It also has none of the disadvantages of copper:

  1. It cannot corrode.
  2. Is highly resistant to furring and scaling.
  3. Is easily connected to existing copper installations.
  4. Reduced risk of theft due to low scrap-page value.
  5. Welding plant required.


  1. Mechanical services and underfloor heating.
  2. Heating & plumbing.
  3. HVAC.
  4. Water services.
  5. Riser and fire sprinkler systems.


  1. 10 to 25 year manufacturers warranty.
  2. Lifetime peace of mind for every plumbing system.

Main benefits:

  1. Hygienic.
  2. Reduction in risk of theft due to low scrap-page value.
  3. Lightweight and installer friendly.
  4. No oxy and acetylene welding plant required.
  5. Price. Multilayer pipe is lower than the price of traditional copper.

Types of jointing:

  1. Metal press fitting.
  2. PPSU press fitting.
  3. Metal push fitting.
  4. PPSU push fitting.
  5. Welded fitting.


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