The Dropson process of removing limescale.
Step 1: The calcium ions (CA) and the carbonate ions (CO3) responsible for limescale formation, are suspended in water.
Step 2: Vortex Effect. The laminar flow of the installation varies to turbulent flow due to a vortex system.
Step 3: Electronic Module. Different magnetic impact generators controlled by multizones.
Step 4: Magnetic Impact Generator. The impacts are generated at a specific rate and act directly upon the turbulent water flow.
Step 5: Crystallization. The association of magnet impacts and the kinetic energy of the vortex generates crystallization between the calcium and carbon ions suspended in the water.
Step 6: Micro-Crystals. The micro crystals have a non scaling structure. They cannot incrust on any surface as they are crystallized. They will flow through the installation and exit through the drains and taps.