The Worcester GB162 is part of a market leading range of energy-saving condensing wall mounted gas-fired boilers. The GB162 is an extremely versatile and compact wall hung condensing boiler that can be installed on its own or as part of a multi-boiler ‘cascade’ system.

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The boiler is available with individual outputs of 45, 65, 80 and 100kW and outputs of up to 800kW can be achieved when multiple units are connected as part of a cascade installation. Precise energy management Each boiler in the GB162 series can automatically modulate its output down to less than 20% for 65kW and 100kw boilers and 25% for 45kW and 80kW boilers in order to precisely match the demand for heat. This considerably reduces fuel consumption and improves overall seasonal efficiency.

The GB162 is fully compatible with the Energy Management System (EMS) modular controls platform. This optimises performance by keeping the boiler in condensing mode for as long as possible. EMS also provides comprehensive heating system functionality and ensures minimal energy usage at all times. High efficiency, low emissions The GB162 provides net efficiencies of up to 110% (NCV) with ultra low class 5 levels of CO and NOx emissions.

Its compact dimensions make it especially suitable for installations where space is restricted, but demand for a modern heating solution is high.


For a consultation on upgrading to the Bosch GB162 range contact us at (01)8293875 or email [email protected]

Worcester boilers are built to withstand heavy and constant use, so only the most reliable and efficient components are used in the design and manufacture of our products. The GB162 benefits from the very latest in high efficiency technology with a patented, award winning ALU Plus heat exchanger, and a host of energy saving features.

ALU-Plus heat exchangers The precision engineered heat exchanger in the GB162 is constructed from a cast aluminium silicate compound which is lightweight, durable and allows for a rapid transfer of heat. The heat exchanger also uses the very latest ALU-Plus technology that has been developed by Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. to increase durability and optimise heating efficiency.

Fins on the outside of the aluminium tubes increase the exterior surface area so that more hot flue gas comes into contact with the heat exchanger. A spiral channel on the inside of the tube increases the internal surface area and creates turbulence which brings more water into contact with the heating surface ensuring an optimum transfer of heat.

Multi boiler cascade systems For larger heat demands.

The GB162 can be easily combined as part of a multi-boiler cascade system. Any combination of 1 to 8 boilers can be connected either in-line (TL) or back-to-back (TR) to provide condensing boiler outputs of up to 800kW with modulation down to around 2.5% of total output. This ensures that high levels of efficiency can be achieved all year round, even when demand for heat is low. Boilers can be cycled to come into and out of operation as and when required.

For a consultation on upgrading to the Bosch GB162 range contact us at (01)8293875 or email [email protected]