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Commercial & Industrial Boiler/Heating Solutions From Bosch

The Worcester GB162 is part of a market leading range of energy-saving condensing wall mounted gas-fired boilers. The GB162 is an extremely versatile and compact wall hung condensing boiler that can be installed on its own or as part of a multi-boiler ‘cascade’ system. Follow link http://www.buderus.ie/files/201111151248190.tech-and-spec-for-gb162.pdf The boiler is available

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Boiler Plant, District Heating, Skid Mounted Systems & Cascade Systems

We Choose Bosch Bosch Commercial and Industrial offers an extensive product range of energy-efficient steel shell, cast iron, stainless steel and aluminium condensing boilers. Bosch commercial boilers are manufactured in Germany and Holland, with the main plants being in Lollar, Eibelshausen, Gunzenhausen and Deventer. All of our Installers, Technicians

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Multilayer pipe for HVAC, Mechanical & Plumbing.

We have chosen to install multilayer pipe on a number of our mechanical and plumbing installations. Multilayer pipe is the real alternative to traditional piping systems but it is essential each installation is assessed to determine which piping system is best suited. Multi-layer pipe consists of 5 layers. One polyethylene layer is

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Construction Employment, The Key Figures.

Take a look at the Construction Industry Federations info-graph on the latest construction employment figures. These figures are great news for all involved contractors such as mechanical, energy, engineering and electrical.   View full info-graph: Full Info-graph   For more news from CIF visit: CIF News Feed

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Green Business Conference 10 June 2015

Acara Energy will be attending the Green Business Conference on June 10 2015. Ibec will host a FREE conference for CEOs, general managers, financial controllers, public bodies, energy, environment and operations managers on financing and funding opportunities for greening your business. Topics for the day are: Opportunities for Business – Policy

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Engineers Ireland Glanbia Event, 20-05-2015

Engineering the New Glanbia Ingredients Ireland (GII) Dairy Processing Facility Acara Energy will be attending the Engineers Ireland event on 20-05-2015 at the Tower Hotel in Waterford. This breakfast event hosted by South-East region in partnership with the Agricultural and Food Engineer division. The New Glanbia Ingredients Ireland (GII) Dairy

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The National Construction Summit 2015

The Acara Energy team will be attending the The National Construction Summit on the 16th June in the RDS, Dublin. This event will bring together key stakeholders and regulatory bodies from construction companies, policy makers, project owners, government and municipal bodies, lenders & private investment firms, architectural and design firms, technology companies,

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We are moving!

We are moving from our current offices in Dublin Industrial Estate to our new energy efficient premises in Premier Business Park, Blanchardstown on 01-04-2015. Our new premises will be heated through a combination of gas boiler and solar enhanced ventilation system for greater energy savings, better carbon reductions and free

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SEAI Energy Show 2015

We will be attending the SEAI Energy Show 2015 at the RDS on the 26th & 27th of March. Find us at the Smart Eco Hub stand where we will be answering questions on commercial boiler efficiency, controls and water treatment. Looking forward to talking to you about our latest energy saving

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Facilities Management Ireland 2015.

Water/limescale treatment and burner controls questions answered. We will be attending the Facilities Management Ireland Conference in The RDS on 04-03-2015. Facilities Management Ireland is a Conference and Exhibition which has been launched in direct response to the growth in the Irish companies looking for information and solutions to improve their

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Dropson Calculation & Selection Software Now Available Online

Request your free Dropson calculation report, available online at http://www.dropson.com/en/crbst_17.html . The calculation software takes into account variables such as peak flow, water hardness, level of limescale and type of application according to regulations. Dropson have also added the EMI5000 to their range of limescale treatment devices. The EMI5000 has been specifically designed to

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The Sustainable Village At Balmoral Show 2015

We will be teaming up with the HeatGEM & Nitronica team in the Sustainable Village at The Balmoral Show 2015. Our team will be available throughout the day to answer any questions on commercial boilers and how HeatGEM reduces energy and provides vital boiler diagnostics. This show takes place between 13th

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Busy Year Of Events Ahead

Founded in 1783, the Chamber has represented the interests of business across the Greater Dublin Area for more than 200 years. Dublin Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of all businesses in the Greater Dublin Area and as the leading business organisation in the area, the Chamber offers the opportunity

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HeatGEM™ intelligent burner control training day, Dublin 28-01-2015.

Become a HeatGEM™ certified installer/partner. Presentation from Energy Consultant Robin Graham on commercial boiler efficiency and diagnostics. We will be covering: - HeatGEM™ design, installation and commissioning. - How to understand commercial boiler burner wiring and identify stage 1 & stage 2 fire. - HeatGEM™ Webportal use and energy reporting.

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Dropson EMI technology for removing limescale.

The Dropson process of removing limescale. Step 1: The calcium ions (CA) and the carbonate ions (CO3) responsible for limescale formation, are suspended in water. Step 2: Vortex Effect. The laminar flow of the installation varies to turbulent flow due to a vortex system. Step 3: Electronic Module. Different magnetic

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The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) is a guidance document describing common practice in measuring, computing and reporting savings achieved by energy or water efficiency projects. This framework is recommended by energy efficiency authorities such as the US Department of Energy and the SEAI of Ireland.

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Viessmann Vitosol Solar water heating

This efficient flat-plate collector with a highly selectively coated aluminium absorber  represents an excellent opportunity to use free energy from the sun for hot water heating at a low investment. On average, up to 60% of the energy required annually for hot water heating can be saved. With its attractive

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Dimplex renewables heat pumps

Our environment is full of energy, even at sub-zero temperatures there is plenty of energy available. Heat pumps extract the sun’s energy stored in the environment and raise it to a temperature suitable for heating purposes. This principle works even in the middle of winter at temperatures as low as

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