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Busy Year Of Events Ahead

Founded in 1783, the Chamber has represented the interests of business across the Greater Dublin Area for more than 200 years. Dublin Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of all businesses in the Greater Dublin Area and as the leading business organisation in the area, the Chamber offers the opportunity

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HeatGEM™ intelligent burner control training day, Dublin 28-01-2015.

Become a HeatGEM™ certified installer/partner. Presentation from Energy Consultant Robin Graham on commercial boiler efficiency and diagnostics. We will be covering: - HeatGEM™ design, installation and commissioning. - How to understand commercial boiler burner wiring and identify stage 1 & stage 2 fire. - HeatGEM™ Webportal use and energy reporting.

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Dropson EMI technology for removing limescale.

The Dropson process of removing limescale. Step 1: The calcium ions (CA) and the carbonate ions (CO3) responsible for limescale formation, are suspended in water. Step 2: Vortex Effect. The laminar flow of the installation varies to turbulent flow due to a vortex system. Step 3: Electronic Module. Different magnetic

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